Dealing With Kids When They’re Being Jerks

Dealing With Kids When They’re Being Jerks

Kids are the best and worst thing in the world, and sometimes at the exact same time. They bring so much joy to our lives, and make us laugh to no end with their crazy, silly antics. They also know how to push our buttons, seemingly at the precise moment to make us want to run away.

It might sound mean, or rude, but sometimes kids can be jerks. Or at least it can seem like it.

You know, when you’re out and about and you say “Hey can you not climb on that” and they look at you with that “f’k you Mum I’m going to do it anyway”, so you death stare them, and then they laugh. THEY LAUGH. *blood boils*

Or when they start running away from you and you say “come back here” and you REFUSE to run after them because you know they’re going to run even faster.

In reality. kids are small people with brains that haven’t fully developed (some adults are like this too LOLOL). It’s our job as parents to help them learn what’s appropriate and what isn’t. It’s our job to guide them in the right direction.

However, that’s not always easy. So here are some tips on dealing with kids when they’re just plain being jerks and pushing the boundaries:

1. Breathe
Stop. Breathe. Take the moment in – look at it as a whole and make a decision on what you’re going to do.

2. Speak
Don’t yell, simply speak to your child and tell them what your expectations are in that moment. I find getting in really close to a child and on their level can scare the shit out of them – and it certainly brings their attention to you.

3. Act
If your kid is running away from you, I would simply stop and say “ok bye I’ll see you later” and then turn the other way (unless they’re of course about to get in harm’s way). If they’re not listening to what you’re saying then remove them from the situation: leave the shop. Or take away the thing they want. Take action to get their attention and show them that you mean business.

4. Remind
Always remind your child of the rules and your expectation. Before you leave. When you get there. After you get home. ANY time you do anything, you have to say it. Your whole life as a parent will be spent repeating yourself a million times.

In the heat of the moment it’s always hard to remember to keep a level head, and be cool, calm and collected. But as a parent we need to.

If you lose the plot and end up yelling, you know what? That happens and that’s fine; none of us are perfect. I always find a de-brief with your child about why you yelled and got upset is really beneficial. For the both of you.

Always remember these wise words:

Do you have any tips on dealing with kids when they’re being less-than-desirable?

Like anything I write, it’s my own opinions – take what you want with them and make it work for you and your family.


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