Floating Chalk Prints

This Floating Chalk Prints activity is so simple to set up, and the print you get out of it, is pretty amazing. This is the perfect activity for those days when you’re stuck inside – whether it’s raining or your kids are sick.

The visual effect of this activity is pretty cool, but there is a lot to be learned about the science behind it:

As you will notice when you scrape the chalk into the water, a lot of the heavier chunks will sink to the bottom, while the lighter ones will float on the surface. This is all about surface tension; which allows some lighter things to remain on the surface of the water, even though they are denser than the water. This is just like some insects – who have an ability to “walk on water”.

We used a clear plastic container to put the water in, which meant the kids could lean down and watch the chalk in the water. They watched how it sat on the surface, and then sunk to the bottom.

You can use any chalk for this, but the smaller the chalk is, the more likely it is to break. So I highly recommend the Crayola Sidewalk Chalk from the Warehouse Stationery. It’s brilliant because it’s HUGE, which makes it easy for the kids to grip it, and easy to scrape the chalk off.


Floating Chalk Prints Materials

Plastic container (at least big enough to fit the paper into)
Crayola Sidewalk Chalk
Butter Knife (or plastic if your kids are doing it)

Fill your plastic container with water (3/4 full). Using the knife, scrape different colours of chalk into the water. Place your paper onto the top of the water. The chalk/water will absorb into the paper. Place on a wire rack to let dry and VOILA! You have a beautiful chalk print!

After about 30 seconds, the chalk will sink to the bottom leaving the surface ready for the next round. Each child can have a turn (if you have multiple kids).

NOTE: if you have a very young child, scrape the chalk onto separate plates first and let them sprinkle it over the surface of the water

For a bit of extra fun – add some glitter!

Floating Chalk Prints Chloe

Check out the Warehouse Stationery Inspiration Station video on how to do this!


Thank you to Warehouse Stationery for making this post possible. You can get all of your Arts & Crafts needs for this Floating Chalk Print activity from Warehouse Stationery!


Floating Chalk Prints

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