The Mum Smoothie

  THE MUM SMOOTHIE —————————– I got sent this video through Facebook and just HAD to share it here.  Also wanted to talk about all the

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Playgroups & Playcentre

PLAYGROUPS & PLAYCENTRE ———————— The other day, I went live on my Happy Mum Happy Child Facebook page.  Which basically means, I streamed live to

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Out Of My Routine

OUT OF MY ROUTINE —————————– Today I was out of my routine.  My usual.  The order in which I do stuff.  If you can’t tell –

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The Flatmate Situation

; THE FLATMATE SITUATION —————————— Last night, on my Happy Mum Happy Child Facebook page, I posted about how my husband and I sometimes feel

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Nap Time

  NAP TIME ————————– My kids have never been long sleepers during the night, but they more than make up for it when it comes

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And Who Are You?

AND WHO ARE YOU? ——————————- Do you think famous people care when you don’t recognise them? I went to this Ice Age Live event today

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Being A Mum Isn’t Easy

  BEING A MUM ISN’T EASY —————————————– Being a Mum isn’t easy.  When I first had my daughter in 2011, I was SO excited and happy

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