Helping Out Others

Over the years I have made donations to various organisations on behalf of my Happy Mum Happy Child audience. I don’t often speak about this publicly, as I don’t want it to seem like I have a lot of money (which I don’t), or that I’m shaming anyone for not donating, or anything negative like that.

I know I am fortunate to make some money from this Happy Mum Happy Child journey (through sponsored posts) and I want to help those less fortunate than myself, or those who are struggling.

Especially because I often feel helpless.

I also know that not a lot of people can afford to donate to these organisations; and although I don’t have a lot of money, I do what I can where I can.

Here are some of the organisations we (me on behalf of you) have helped out:

From time to time I also donate food and toys to the Women’s Refuge, and the Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal (often things that are given to me by PR companies that I know would benefit others more than myself or my family).



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