Things To Do in Auckland

Kid Friendly Cafes in Auckland

————————————————– I personally don’t take my kids out to cafes, only because it’s way too much of a hassle; and I worry all the time

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The Gems

  So I’ve ranted about the lack of shade at playgrounds, started a petition, talked about the trouble spots, and now I think it’s time

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The Trouble Spots

  So all of the playgrounds I have come across over the years BAR two, have been uncovered. I will do a post about the

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Travel Tips for Kids

————————————————– Traveling with small children can be difficult, and I know this too well. I have been on several long car rides with a baby

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Potters Park in Auckland

Yesterday was another beautiful day in Auckland, so we took the kids to Potters Park in Mt Eden.  It has a rather large playground, which unfortunately

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Myers Park in Auckland

Yesterday we drove into town and checked out Myers Park.  It was FREAKING AMAZING. Well worth the trip in.  We parked on Pitt Street, paid

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