Other Reviews

Other Reviews

I’m not a movie or a book critic, just a lover of movies and some books. I don’t see many movies or read many books as I should but when I do I’ll review them here! The reviews are very simple and don’t often involve much a plot outline. I just let you know my feelings about it …

Movie Review: Red Sparrow

——————————————————— I was very fortunate to be invited to an amazing screening of Red Sparrow. Jennifer Lawrence plays Dominika – an injured ballerina who has

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Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok Thor: Ragnarok? More like PHWOAR: Ragnarok.  Chris Hemsworth is seriously UH-MAZING in this. Before you even watch the movie, know that the cast is

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Movie Review: Logan

Movie Review: Logan I wanted to see this movie for several reasons: it’s Wolverine. It’s Hugh Jackman. It’s Sir Patrick Stewart. I swoon over both

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