My Little Pony: The Movie

My Little Pony: The Movie

Most of you know this, but some don’t – my three year old is obsessed with My Little Pony. His favourite characters are Apple Jack and Rainbow Dash.

When I say obsessed, I mean OBSESSED. He has a My Little Pony School Bag. He has sickers, soft toys, and watches My Little Pony on DVD AND Netflix whenever he can. It’s a true-love kind of relationship.

When I told him we were seeing the movie, he was RIDICULOUSLY excited.

The one thing I love about My Little Pony, is the fact it teaches kids about friendship. Both my five year old and three year old have learned a lot from it.

The movie was no exception.

Loads of lessons to be learned, and songs to get stuck in your head … “We got this! You got this! We got this together!!!”

There are a few parts that are a bit “darker” than usual, and both kids did get a wee bit scared during some parts, but it was over relatively quickly.

The movie itself is 104 minutes long, and I always take time to explain this when I review kids’ movies because 104 minutes can seem long. In this instance it didn’t feel too long at all.

The only issues I had were actually with my My-Little-Pony-loving three year old – after ten minutes he yelled out “I want to go home now!”. OH GEES CHILD.

Both kids have great memories of the movie and said they loved it, but you can’t help words that come out of their mouths in the moment haha



Out in New Zealand Cinemas 2nd November 2017.


As always, I highly recommend you seeing the movie for yourself and forming your own opinion on it. As human beings we all think differently and enjoy different things in life.


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