Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a list of questions I get asked ALL the time. These are serious questions that I get asked mainly on Snapchat (happymumnz) and Facebook:


Why did you start Happy Mum Happy Child?
To document the activities I did with my kids. You can read more here.

What did you do before you were a Mum?
I worked predominantly in an office – I’ve been a Receptionist, a Secretary and a Personal Assistant. I’ve done accounts work, project administration work and worked as a Temp. I’ve also worked in retail for a boutique jewellery store.

When are you going to paint your walls?
When we have finished our garage, our bathroom, and our laundry. So basically never.

What lipstick do you wear?
I have been wearing Mellow for about a year now, and the colour I love the most is called “Milan”. You can buy it from Farmers.

How do I do what you do? 
Start a blog and don’t do what I do – do what YOU want to do. Do what you love and enjoy it.

Do you get paid for what you do?
Sometimes yes, it depends on the work

How can I get free stuff like you do?
Build a large and engaged audience on social media 🙂 … and even then it’s not guaranteed!

Will you share my username on Snapchat / Facebook?
My philosophy has ALWAYS been to get to know people first before I share them. If you ask me straight off the bat and I don’t know you or what you do, then chances are the answer will be no. I have built trust with my audience and I only share what I know and love – this goes for shares on Facebook and Snapchat. Please don’t be offended by this, I just prefer to get to know people first.

Where are your kids’ lunch boxes from?
The Yum Box’s are from The Lunchbox Queen. The Planetbox Rover is from Biome (if you’re in Australia) and Treasure U Limited (New Zealand). Also my boy’s Raine Beau is from Phunky Bento. I also have a huge range from Sistema (you can get these from The Warehouse, Kmart, Farmers, your local supermarket, etc).

How do I build a following on Facebook like yours?
Start by asking your friends to like and share your content, and then just be yourself and share what you want 🙂 you will soon learn what your audience likes to see and can tailor it to suit them/you.

Are you sponsored by Netflix?
Sponsored (to me) means paid, so no I am not sponsored by Netflix. But I am on the Netflix Streamteam. This means I get a Netflix account, and access to previews of shows and know what’s coming up. From time to time I am asked to focus on certain shows (if I want to) and I also receive some gifts from time to time. There’s also an event usually once a year in Australia.

Are you sponsored by Kmart?
I have never been paid directly by Kmart to do any endorsement or promotional work. I have been paid an appearance fee by my agency, at the request of a PR agency to be interviewed about the Kmart phenomena in early 2016. ALL of my posts on social media are my own and have not been sponsored by Kmart – I genuinely love them!

I want to start a blog and review products, who do I need to get in touch with to get the products?
I firstly suggest you start blogging about whatever you want, build your audience, and then figure out exactly what it is you want to do. Having a solid base is a really great start, then you can start thinking about who to talk to.

Where do you buy your clothes from?
Kmart, Farmers, The Warehouse, Sama & Kiki, and

What apps do your kids use?
Check out my list HERE.

What brand are your glasses frames?
They’re from Specsavers and are Karl Lagerfeld

What brand is your coffee machine and where is it from?
It’s a Nespresso Creatista, and I bought it from Harvey Norman.

Do you have a Spotify account? Can I follow it?
Follow my “Memories” playlist on Spotify to find out. My username is ditzym.

Where’d you get your striped PJ pants from?
Cotton On Maternity

Will you have anymore children?
No – we are happy with our two

Where did you get your Kimono from?
Lola’s Nest on Facebook

Why is it taking you so long to fix your house?
Because we are a) on one income, and b) doing it ourselves

Why do you wake up so early in the morning?
To have some time to myself before the kids wake up – I love this time!

What is your pork noodles recipe?
You can simply search through my website, or it’s HERE.

Actually I just want ANY recipe from your website, can you tell me where it is?
I have a search function on my website, so feel free to look there. Or you can check out my RECIPES section.

What sort of Trampoline do you have and what size is it?
The awesome folks over at Springfree Trampoline gave me a Medium Compact round trampoline about a year ago. Can highly recommend!



Do you have a question for me? Feel free to ask and I’ll answer!

I never mind being asked questions ok? The questions above are just the ones I get asked the most …



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