The Apps My Kids Use


The Apps My Kids Use

I get asked this question a lot: “Maria what apps do your kids play with on the iPad”, and up until recently I couldn’t answer because they really didn’t play anything.

I mean, sure they watched YouTube Kids, but that’s about it.

HOWEVER, once Chloe started school, things changed a bit as they gave us a list of apps that would help support her learning whilst at home. So I downloaded those apps, and along with a favourite of ours (you’ll see that below) they became the staples in my kids “app list”.

For me personally, I prefer the kids not to play game games … if that makes sense. I would prefer them to play a game that is educational. So that they’re learning whilst enjoying the device.



I only allow my children to play on a device AFTER the bath at night for about 30 minutes. UNLESS they’re sick, or it’s the weekend and we’re feeling extra special.

What you choose to do is your business – you know what works best for you and your children!


I usually use a timer on my phone, or just a regular egg timer. It’s especially good if one child wants to have a turn, and then you need to remember to give your other child a turn.


Here are my personal favourite apps for my kids to play (or have on the device):

  1. YouTube Kids
  2. Reading Eggs (my kids’ favourite)
  3. Block! Hexa
  4. Candy Adv
  5. Cookie Jam (a game)
  6. Slither (a game)
  7. 10FrameFill (school recommended)
  8. Eggy 100 HD (school recommended)
  9. Eggy Alphabet (school recommended)
  10. Slide 100 (school recommended)
  11. Ollies Handwriting & Phonics (school recommended)
  12. Epic! (school recommended)


If you follow me on Snapchat (happymumnz) you sometimes see my kids playing on these, which is why I thought I’d share here.

Do your kids play on devices? What apps do they use?




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