The Lowdown

Here’s the lowdown an all things parenting related …

The Lowdown: Dealing With Nits

————————————————- Right, let’s just tackle this head on (LOOL). My kids are 4 and 6 and haven’t had nits (head lice) YET … HOWEVER I

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The Lowdown: Pooping During Childbirth

  ————————————————————— The Lowdown: Pooping During Childbirth One of my biggest fears heading into childbirth, was that I was going to poop myself. EEW GROSSE

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Halloween In New Zealand

As someone who did not grow up with Halloween, it’s fascinating (and concerning) to see my kids growing up wanting to partake in it. So

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The Lowdown: Toy Libraries

  The Lowdown: Toy Libraries Toy Libraries: did you know they exist? Within each community are these not-for-profit places that offer quality toys for a

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Carseats And Bulky Jackets

——————————————- I don’t ever pretend that I am a perfect Mum (who is!), but when I read the latest article about carseats and bulky jackets

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The Lowdown: Snacks

————————————————– The Lowdown: Snacks Kids are like Hobbits – they require snacks. LOTS of snacks. Breakfast, Second Breakfast. Morning Tea, Elevenses, Lunch, Afternoon Tea, Dinner,

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Our Grocery Bill

Our Grocery Bill I get asked a lot “how much do you spend on groceries?”, and “what do you buy in your weekly shop?”. Well

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The Lowdown: Cloth Nappies

The Lowdown: Cloth Nappies Did you know we predominantly used cloth nappies? Some of you might have realised this, especially when you saw my laundry and

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