Different Ways To Use Essential Oil Sprays

Recently the team over at Bosisto’s sent me their range of Essential Oils. Not only in liquid form but also in spray form. This prompted me to dig a little deeper into the world of Essential Oil sprays, and I found out a whole heap of information about the different ways to use them.

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Bosisto’s Lavender Spray is just amazing; the smell is so calming. I sprayed it around the rubbish bins to help deodorise any smells and instantly felt relaxed (because as you know Lavender helps to calm you and relieve anxiety). Did you know the Bosisto’s Lavender Spray kills germs too?!

After looking more into the different ways to use the spray, I found it’s not just for helping calm us and help us to sleep …



When I think of Eucalyptus Oil, I think of helping it to clear my nose when I have a cold. Did you know that it is an antiseptic that can be used on minor cuts and abrasions? ALSO, I feel like it has a million uses for around the house: I used the Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Spray as to kill the germs in my kids’ bedrooms – they’ve been sick for a few weeks now and it’s perfect!

As I said above, Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Spray can be used in so many ways as it is a natural antiseptic which kills and prevents the growth of germs and bacteria. Here’s some other ways in which it can be used:



I actually didn’t know as much about Tea Tree Oil as I did about Lavender or Eucalyptus. Did you know it can help improve tinea?! I had no idea! I actually used it in my shoes to help with my smelly feet. GASP I know … I have smelly feet.

Bosisto’s Tea Tree Spray not only kills germs and bacteria, but it also deodorises and cleans…


As you can see from the above, the Bosisto’s Essential Oil sprays aren’t just for ills and chills. They can also be used around the house – because they’re in spray form they’re great to spray onto surfaces to disinfect or into the air to freshen up a room.

This post is sponsored by Bosisto’s, and you can pick up your Bosisto’s Essential Oil sprays from your local pharmacy.




Different Ways To Use Essential Oil Sprays

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