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The Lowdown: Home Ventilation

We recently got a SAYR Home Ventilation system put in, and a bathroom extractor fan; and I get questions a lot asking me how it’s

Maria | Happy Mum Happy Child

This Statistic Is Disgusting

Today over on Instagram’s instastories (add me: happymumhappychild), I shared this graph. Just take a moment to let this sink in … Fuck that shit.

Maria | Happy Mum Happy Child

New Year, Improved Me

New Year, New Me? No way … New Year, Improved Me. I learned a lot in 2018: I learned to take a step back; I learned

Maria | Happy Mum Happy Child

My Journey With Keto

As someone who has struggled with their weight for at least 15 years, I was getting sick and tired of myself and the way I

Maria | Happy Mum Happy Child

Christmas Is Coming

Christmas is my FAVOURITE time of the year. I love every single thing about it. I love the terribly annoying music, the impossibly early decorations,

Maria | Happy Mum Happy Child

Our Renovations – PAINTING

After removing all of the GIB, insulating, creating a new window, putting the new GIB up, sanding down the windows and basically getting the whole


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