My Kids Won’t Stay In Bed So I’ve Had To Improvise

My kids won’t stay in bed so I’ve had to improvise and have created a chart that you can use too, to help stop your kids coming out.

Every night I put my kids to bed, and every single night they come out multiple times for ridiculous reasons. It absolutely drives me up the wall.

Some of these reasons include:

  • needing a glass of water (not really ridiculous but the number of times they need a glass of water is)
  • wanting to pat a cat
  • complaining about their sibling annoying them
  • telling us they need to go to the toilet
  • wanting to tell us a joke
  • wanting to show us something from a book they’re reading
  • wanting some colouring in pens
  • telling us they’re hungry (even though they were too full to eat dinner)

Honestly there’s so much more and it’s incredibly frustrating.

So after talking about it over on my Instagram Stories, and chatting with a bunch of incredible Mums in my DM’s, I decided to create a “Not Staying In Bed” chart.

Basically every single time they come out for a reason that I deem ridiculous, will be marked down on this chart. At the end of each week, each mark represents 5 minutes taken away from their device time.

5 marks = 25 minutes off device time.

10 marks = 50 minutes off device time … etc etc you get the drift.

I told my kids about this and they were both shocked … “what if he annoys me?” … “what if I need a cat”

KIDS – NEWSFLASH … those are are not legit reasons to come out.

Anyway … I thought perhaps some of you might need a chart like this so I’ve posted it below for you to download.

There are 4 pages in there to represent different number of kids in the family. Just print the one you need that applies to you.

If you have more than 4 children, feel free to message me on social media (preferably through INstagram) and I’ll make you one specifically.

Godspeed with your bedtime routine!


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