REVIEW: Jeuneora Beauty Sleep – Does it work?

Hi I’m Maria! Mum of two, fan of Buffy, have depression oh yeah and I struggle with anxiety. Especially when it comes to night time. It’s like my brain refuses to turn off and I suddenly start replaying the events of the day, or even of my life. It’s terrible.

Over the years I’ve meditated, practiced mindfulness, use essential oils and so much more. Heck I listen to music going to sleep to help my mind focus on something to stop it from thinking about something cringe I did 20 years ago.

I’m also a chronic fidgeter. I cannot stop moving. To the point where if I’m relaxing at night, part of that is me rubbing my hands together in a soothing manor; it’s just a habit I’ve gotten into.

ANYWAY – onto the review.

I follow an Instagram account called SKETE (run by the incredible Christie), and she had some Jeuneora Beauty Sleep. Her review was enough to convince me to try it, so here I am.

I’ve been taking it for a week now and wanted to give you my review.

For those who don’t know Jeuneora Beauty Sleep is powder that you mix with water or milk, and you consume before you go to bed at night. It contains some mushroom stuff, pistachio extract and cocoa to make it palatable. You can find out more about it here – I’m not gonna go into detail because I can’t be bothered.

In a nutshell it’s meant to “support sleep, relaxation, immune function, mood balance and your ability to cope with stress and fatigue”.


I’m an early riser, which means I go to bed early. So on my first night, at 8pm, I heated up some milk and made a nice “hot chocolate” with the Jeuneora Beauty Sleep powder.

It 100% tasted like a hot cocoa but had a bit of a weird after taste. It wasn’t off putting though, and tbh after a few sips I forgot about it.

I drank it over about 20 minutes, and after this time I started feeling super relaxed.

I kind of felt an all over tingle, and a sense of calm. My usual “self-soothing fidgeting” that I spoke about above didn’t happen at all. This was the most noticible effect (after the feeling I was feeling of course).

I was still. I wasn’t moving; and I didn’t feel like it. I was actually calm and relaxed.

At about 9pm, I felt tired enough to go to bed.

Unfortunately the first night’s sleep was full of anxiety. I do worry about the dumbest stuff and I was a little worried about the Jeuneora Beauty Sleep powder interfering with my anti depressant medication. There was honestly nothing for me to worry about but unfortunately I can’t stop that worry.

Normally I scroll on my phone for about 30 minutes before dozing off, but I thought I’d try and at least go to sleep without it; and I did.

I had a pretty good sleep, waking only a few times (I usually wake several times).

I woke up feeling ready to tackle the world. I’ve been struggling with getting out of bed lately (thank you Covid), so this was a pleasant surprise.

Overall I was looking forward to trying it again, but knew that this time I wouldn’t have as much anxiety as the first night’s unknown was over and done with.


Similar to the previous night, I made my drink. Except this time I used hot water. It’s not as smooth as the milk, and the after taste is stronger.

Perhaps the night before I was super tired, because the second night I didn’t feel that “tingle” that I mentioned, as much.

I was still super chilled, and fell asleep relatively easily and was still refreshed the next day.


I continued to drink the drink each night before bed, and each night I just felt super chilled. The tireder I was, the more chilled I felt (if that makes sense). Each morning I’d wake up and feel refreshed; not tired like I’d been feeling.


I would recommend this to anyone struggling to switch off at night, and relax.

However I am aware that each person is different and will experience this differently.

Whilst I’ve heard loads of people who have success with it, I know of a couple who said it didn’t have the same effect they’d heard from others.

I personally felt it helped my sleep – also feeling refreshed the next day. I still wake a few times during the night but get back to sleep no problem; and I look forward to that time each night when I make my milky sleep drink.

You can buy this direct from Jeuneora, but I know as of 8th August 2022, it’s sold out. Always re-check the website for a restock.

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