Being a Mum


Being a parent isn’t easy, and neither is being a Mum.  This page is dedicated to us Mums.

Being Mum Can Be Overwhelming

————————————————– I posted this on Facebook the other day and I felt like it needed to be immortalised as a blog post here on my

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The Lowdown: Dealing With Nits

————————————————- Right, let’s just tackle this head on (LOOL). My kids are 4 and 6 and haven’t had nits (head lice) YET … HOWEVER I

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I Suck At Playing With My Kids

—————————————- I look around at other parents who really love getting down on their kids’ level and engaging in activities and imaginary play, and I

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Those First Few Hours

————————————— I don’t have anything to compare this too, but just from what I’ve heard other’s say, my first child’s birth was relatively quick. After

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The Lowdown: Pooping During Childbirth

  ————————————————————— The Lowdown: Pooping During Childbirth One of my biggest fears heading into childbirth, was that I was going to poop myself. EEW GROSSE

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Being Fun Parents

  Being Fun Parents Yesterday afternoon when I picked my daughter (5) up from school, she was upset because we are not the “fun parents”.

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The Perfect Parent

© Can Stock Photo / prawny   The Perfect Parent There is no such thing as a “perfect parent”. I see so many times online

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