Why Do I Have To Lose My S**t Before Anyone Listens?

I could have a polite conversation with my children about my expectations, yet we all know the only time they really listen is when I lose my absolute sh*t at them and start yelling.

I hate it that I have to resort to yelling to get my kids full and undivided attention.


I can sit them down, have them look me in the eyes, and lay out the ground rules for any given moment. Yet it’s not until I’ve almost lost my mind giving warnings, and start yelling that they truly listen.

Sometimes this goes for my husband too – and I’m not talking about me yelling at him either.

I could stand there and politely ask my kids to do something and he would be oblivious to the fact I needed help until my head starts spinning and flames shoot out of my eyes and I yell at the kids.


I have been known to say “no one even listens to me in this house”.

I get so sick of yelling to get attention, that sometimes I just give up and walk away.

Out in public, it’s just embarrassing.

I’m a big believer on setting expectations before we go anywhere or do anything. I keep it simple, and repeat myself a million times – because I know kids forget.

I’ll give warnings, and set consequences. I do all the things.

I also give a mean death stare.


But there’s only so many times, and so many minutes I can tolerate them not listening and remembering, and before I know it I’ve turned into the dragon lady.

I don’t want my kids growing up remembering me as the mean mum, or the mum who yells all the time but honestly – it’s often the only times they’ll listen.

I just hope one day they get it. In the mean time, I’ll just continue working on my death stare …



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