We Need To Ban Public Smoking Around Schools AND Playgrounds

In New Zealand it is illegal to smoke on a school’s property AND in a car – but what about the area just outside of the school. This is often where parents park due to not being able to park close … I wish that the Government made it illegal to smoke, not just on school property, but also within a certain radius AROUND a school in public areas (not talking about on people’s properties). As well as playgrounds, or even sports grounds! ANYWHERE that kids are around really …

All too often I’ve been dropping my kids off (or picking them up) at School or Kindergarten, and there is a parent waiting for their child OUTSIDE of the car, and smoking. Or even worse, the parent is in the car smoking.

This is NOT specifically on school property. As most of you will know – it’s almost impossible to get a park directly outside of the school gate. A lot of parents park 50 metres away, and walk their kids down to school; OR they drop their kids off and they walk down to school.

I personally loathe the fact that parents openly smoke so close to school. I myself hate walking through smoke, and I am even more disgusted knowing my child (or anyone else’s) has to be subjected to it.

We all know that second-hand smoke is dangerous – especially in small confined spaces, like the home; and the car. So what makes people think that it’s ok to smoke outside around other people’s kids?

I am getting sick and tired of being out in public with my kids at school, or a playground (both of which are a child’s environment) and being confronted with a person publicly smoking. None of us have a choice but to inhale it.

Yes, we could walk away quickly, but the damage is already done. PLUS we are still the ones who have to pay the price because of someone else’s choice to smoke – and I don’t think that’s right.

Especially at a playground (or even sports grounds!) – where it’s a child’s place to be.

If they can ban alcohol from being consumed in certain public places, then I can’t see why we can’t get smoking banned around schools and playgrounds / public areas where kids are.

If not for us, then for our children.

They’re our future remember!

It is a personal preference for an adult to smoke. It is not a child’s. Especially a child who isn’t even in a smoking environment at all and is only subjected to it on their way to school and/or at a playground.

So what I propose is that a permanent ban is placed PUBLICLY within 200m of a school, and within ALL playgrounds. Again, let me reiterate what I wrote above, I am not talking about on someone’s private property, I am talking about in public – outside of your car whilst waiting for a child at school, or at a playground where kids are.

At the moment you’re obviously not allowed to smoke on school grounds, but that doesn’t stop parents from standing outside of their car and lighting up.

Trust me, I see it every single week.

If anything lets just start the conversation going around this.

What do you think??

PS don’t even get me started on Supermarkets too … so many people smoke at the entrances to the supermarket. AND in the underground car park! YUCK!

PPS if you’re thinking about quitting smoking, check out https://www.smokefree.org.nz/ – I don’t think for a second my post has anything to do with people quitting but you never know!

PPPS New Zealand legislation around smoking publicly is located here.

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