Realistic Date Night Ideas For Parents

When you become a parent, everything changes. Sometimes it gets better, but for the majority, it doesn’t.

Parenting can sometimes split us apart; not necessarily permanently, but often for a while.

Time to ourselves becomes a thing of the past as our lives are now focussed solely on a baby; on our children.

It can take months or even years to get that back – and that’s ok.

It’s taken my husband and I a long time to reconnect, but we do it now every single week; and I don’t necessarily mean “bow chicka wow wow”.

We have date nights. Even if it means, sitting in and ordering pizza; snuggling on the couch and watching a movie. Whatever it is, we take the moment alone together and cherish it.

Sometimes we have date nights after the kids have gone to bed, and other times we get a babysitter and head out.

My husband and I actually chatted together during one of these date nights, and came up with a list of basic ways parents can have a date night together:


Super simple – once the kids go to bed, put a move on in your house. You don’t have to leave, or worry about a babysitter. Just pick a move together, grab some popcorn and have a snuggle.



Grab a glass of wine, or a beer (or non alcoholic of course!) and sit down and just have a chat together without your kids. This is something we love to do and it’s so beneficial for our relationship!



If having a weekly date night doesn’t work, perhaps make it your goal to go to a different restaurant each month. This is actually something we do from time-to-time. We are fortunate enough to have our own parents who can help babysit, but if you don’t have this luxury don’t worry – perhaps order Uber Eats, or get takeaways and save for when the kids are in bed!



Sit down together and enjoy some board games OR computer games together. My husband and I are avid gamers (digital) but we haven’t “gamed” since before kids. We were huge fans of Battlefield,  Borderlands, COD, and Fallout. If you’re not into that, you should try Cards Against Humanity or Shit Happens!

You could even do a puzzle together. It doesn’t have to be complicated.



You don’t have to venture far for this. Walk out the back door, take the baby monitor with you and just relax. Perhaps have dinner out there, or perhaps just chat. Just a change of scenery can be good for you both.

Of course there are a million other things you can do by getting out of the house itself – book a motel / hotel for the night, go to a concert, visit a local attraction together.

But I do know it’s hard when you’re a parent with young kids to make this kind of thing happen, especially if finding a babysitter is hard.

Do you have any date night ideas?


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