Introducing: The Samsung Family Hub Fridge

We were recently gifted a Samsung Family Hub fridge and it’s literally one of the coolest things in our house (that was an epic pun, gimme that much). This blog is the first in a series about the Samsung Family Hub – I wanted to make sure we truly experienced it as a family before I wrote about it, and I’m so excited to share what I’ve found! This post is all about the fridge itself. In later blogs I’ll share my experiences and thoughts about it, and then finally my favourite aspects of it.

This post is specifically about the Samsung Family Hub 671L French Door Fridge Freezer.


The display is huge and it’s a  touchscreen. The fridge itself connects to WiFi, so from here you can do a tonne of helpful things, like create shopping lists, track expired food (or expiring soon), hook it up to your Ring Doorbell, access your calendar, write notes, meal plan, create reminders, and even order your groceries online through the Countdown app.

You can also add photos so that you can view them during the day – that’s quite an upgrade from your regular old fridge

The main LED screen shows the date, time, and weather – even updates to show it raining when it’s raining outside.

You can even hook it up to your Spotify and play music through it. 

It’s actually freaking amazing.


Not only is the outside display huge, but so is the inside of the fridge. There’s plenty of room to store all of that healthy food you are determined to eat but never get to; and lots of little spaces to store and hide chocolate from your kids. There are even cameras inside the fridge which allow you to view what’s inside it remotely – so you can check if your kids took that meat to defrost when you asked them to, or if you need to buy milk on the way home.

The fridge also has a special cooling system to ensure that everything inside it stays fresher for longer; and if you leave your fridge open for too long, it will play a tune, and then tell you exactly how long it’ll take for the fridge to get back to it’s correct temperature.


There are two large freezer compartments – one of which you can convert into another fridge if you want to. The cooling system in one of the freezers is customisable.

In that particular freezer, there are five different settings to choose from:


French Door Fridge/Freezer

671 litres capacity

LED Interior Lights

Water Filter / Ice Dispenser

LCD Front display

Fruit / Vegetable Drawer w humidity control

2 Freezers (1 adjustable)

640 kWh/yr power consumption

1825mm (H) x 908mm (W) x 733mm (D)


To find out more information about the Samsung Family Hub, be sure to check out the official Samsung website:



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