I Worry A Lot About My Kids

I know most parents worry about their kids, but I feel like I worry A LOT about mine. Maybe I’m not alone in this, I’m not sure.

Naturally I don’t want my kids to hurt themselves and sometimes can get overly worried about it. I can’t help it; it’s just who I am.

My husband is a bit of the opposite (but not EXTREMELY opposite), and I look to him in a lot of situations, for advice. I look to see where his boundaries are, and if it’s further than my own; I’ll usually let go whatever issues I have. Because I trust him.

Of course I let them do the things they need to do to be children (even extreme things), because I don’t want my worry to stifle my children’s ability to learn and grow, and experience life.

I am all too aware of my own issues having an effect on my children; and I refuse to let that happen.

I trust my husband to look after the kids (obviously), and I trust that he will let them do things to a certain point and then pull them back. It’s just that his “point” is a bit further than mine.

He will let them be much more adventurous than I will, without worry.

Although, of course there are times when I put my foot down and will say to Phil “No, not on my watch – if you want to let that happen, do it when I’m not around”.

I’d let them do stuff (I’m talking extreme stuff, not the normal stuff haha), but I’d be overcome with worry the whole time. Often it’s easier for me to let them be with my husband without me around, because as I said above, I don’t want my issues stopping them from living their lives.

A few days ago, my son broke his arm (his first break, and hopefully last!) whilst on the trampoline.

We have a Springfree Trampoline, which means the springs are underneath; and it’s surrounded by an amazingly strong netting. You’d think given how safe it was, breaking an arm wouldn’t be something that would happen easily. Or if it happened, it would be from when they got OFF the trampoline.

Well no, my son and his sister were playing with water-balloons (it’s a favourite game of theirs in the summer, and has been for years). My son (who is 6) thought it would be funny to pull a “prank fall”, which meant falling silly, and he landed on his elbow and it broke.

He ended up in hospital overnight, needing surgery to realign the bones, and then k-wires to secure. It wasn’t the nicest experience for him, but he got through.

If I wasn’t already paranoid about stuff like this, I am more now and I tell you what – it’s going to take every strength in my being to allow him back on that trampoline.

I’ll do it though, and I’ll do all the things I have to to ensure my kids don’t feel like I’m holding them back.

But I’ll still worry. And if my gut says NO too strongly then I will listen to it.

Do you guys get paranoid / worried about your kids? Do you have to do what I do and just let it go? Or do you have other coping mechanisms?

I’d truly love to know!


I Worry A Lot About My Kids

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