Days When I Just Don’t Cope


Days When I Just Don’t Cope


You know those days: when you wake up thinking “YASS TODAY IS GOING TO BE GREAT” and before you can even boil the kettle, there’s a child standing at the door saying “I’M AWAKE, ENTERTAIN ME”.

7am hasn’t even rolled around, yet you’re in the fetal position listening to the children scream “Mum Mum Mum” and you can see toys everywhere, and a bowl of cereal AND MILK is spilled on the floor.

Reality hits – 12 more hours until they go to bed.

THOSE DAYS. Where everything just gets too much and you can’t cope. Where normal things push me over the edge.

Where I feel like I’m one step away from being carted off and being committed.

Seriously – I feel like the crazy Mum on those days; I feel like my kids look at me and think “who is this woman?!”.


The days when I just don’t cope, all resemblance of parenting goes out the window. It becomes a survival of the fittest challenge, and the goal is for me not to run out screaming.

I say to my kids “I’m just not coping well today guys, so can we please work together” – this just makes me feel like I am a little in control and that maybe they’ll help. They won’t.

The TV will go on, and devices are pulled out.

If I’m feeling adventurous, we might go for a walk or to a playground, but chances are I won’t. Sometimes it’s easier just to stay home and deal with it away from the public.

Nobody wants to see Maria have a mental breakdown.

All the toys come out and the lounge is a mess. No laundry gets done. The dishes pile up. I might weep a bit, I’ll probably yell a bit. All of the great coping mechanisms …

If I have to feed the children, then I stick to the easy stuff – fruit for a snack, and Maggi 2 Minute Noodles. With the saving grace being that at least the Maggi Noodles are wholegrain, RIGHT?!

Thank god my kids love noodles.

AND DO YOU KNOW HOW YOU PREPARE NOODLES?! By boiling them in water. FML that’s easy.

Then 530pm rolls around and my husband comes home – FLARE goes up and I throw up my hands, burst into tears and say “man I just haven’t coped today”.


Then once the kids are in bed, I debrief with my husband and promise myself (and him) that tomorrow will be a better day.

I go to bed hoping it is because honestly, having two days in a row like that, is just terrible.

How do you get through those days when you don’t cope?


This post was lovingly sponsored by Maggi – thanks for helping make a crappy day a little more bearable.

To help you get through those rough days, I have TWO $50 Prezzy Cards to give away! Opens at 7pm on Tuesday 31st October.


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