Things Mums Shouldn’t Feel Bad About

In a world full of people telling us what to do as parents, I’m here to tell you that it’s ok.

As a parent, every man and his dog will tell you what they think is right, and wrong, and it can sometimes be very confusing. So I’m here to say a few things that us mums shouldn’t feel bad about…

  • Not connecting with your baby right away
  • Your body post baby
  • Rocking your baby to sleep
  • Wearing active-wear all day
  • Checking social media instead of watching your kids 24/7
  • Having a nap during the day, not because you need to but because you just want to
  • Being a little over-protective
  • Having post-natal depression
  • Not wanting to have sex, ever again
  • Formula feeding, breast feeding, WHATEVER feeding
  • Not wanting to be a stay-at-home-mum
  • Looking forward to going back to work
  • Having to go back to work
  • Putting your child into Daycare
  • Worrying about your kids
  • Can’t help out on school trips
  • Not having a clue as to what you’re doing in this crazy parenting gig.

Obviously there are TONNES of other things that you should definitely not feel bad about as a parent; but ultimately I want you to know that it doesn’t matter what you do – we are all trying to raise healthy, loving, accepting, and kind human beings.

Don’t sweat the small stuff on the way to achieving this <3

Things Mums Shouldn’t Feel Bad About

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