Mums confess to “The laziest thing I’ve ever done”

As a parent, I feel I am ridiculously lazy. Or as I like to call it “being smart”.

I’ve put my kids to bed in their clothes for the next day (after a bath of course), made a whole bag of chicken nuggets for dinner (and that’s it); and more often than I like to admit I’ve been to lazy to go and put the washing in the drier, so I’ve had to wash it again (a few times.

So I took to my Parenting View Facebook Group (which you’re welcome to join), and put it to the Mums and Dads out there:

Finish this sentence (about parenting): “I was so lazy, one time I …”

Here are some of the hilarious responses (thank you ladies for allowing me to post these!):


… threw out the sh*t covered singlet (instead of washing it – ain’t nobody got time for that)

… wiped my kid down with a baby wipe because I couldn’t be bothered giving her a bath

… put a box of toys in my room so when they get up at stupid o’clock I just lie here while they play with their “lost” toys.

… some times I give my kids cereal for dinner when I just cannot adult

… finished my sons homework – handwriting and all ? just once when it needed to be finished and he was outside somewhere ??‍♀️

… over-sprayed myself with perfume before going out so I didn’t have to change the clothes I had been wearing for 2 days.

… moved everything that looked like a mess into the bedrooms, and shut the doors when we had visitors so my house looked tidy

… I rinsed clothing in the shower with me and my child after he was sick on me at a young age

… I let my 10 year old eat a bowl of spaghetti, that she cooked herself in the microwave, for dinner

… watched kids TV because I couldn’t be bothered getting up and changing the channel

… hid all the dirty dishes in the oven when I had visitors coming

… texted my kid, who was in the next room, that dinner was ready

… stayed at my parents (with the kids) for the weekend so they could parent instead of me

… scooped up my daughters dinner she chucked on the floor and gave it back to her

… we all stayed in our pyjamas all day

… put the spare mattress on floor in lounge so kids could use it as a trampoline so I didn’t have to supervise them outside

… put a couple of towels over a wet bed and went back to bed, washed everything the next day

… forgot I had wet clothes in the hamper and when I finally got around to washing them they were al covered in mould so I threw them out

… dropped the kids off at school, came home and crawled back into bed till it was pick up time

… don’t have a shower ever day because I just get so busy with other things

… lay down on the floor and let my kids climb on me while I fell asleep

… just after I changed my child’s nappy, they did a nugget of a poo, so I just tipped it down the toilet and didn’t change the nappy


Let’s be honest, most of these things are SMART, not lazy HAHAH … and hopefully you feel a little less alone after reading that!!! What’s the “laziest” thing you’ve ever done as a parent?


Mums confess “The laziest thing I’ve ever done as a parent”

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