Being Mum Can Be Overwhelming

I posted this on Facebook the other day and I felt like it needed to be immortalised as a blog post here on my website – being Mum can be overwhelming.

It doesn’t even matter if Dad is around, somehow they always want Mum.

It’s such a wonderful feeling knowing this, but it can be so overwhelming.

When I need a moment to myself, even if my husband is around, my kids will actively seek me out.

  • I try to have a shower; they find me.
  • I am on the toilet; they find me.
  • I’m getting changed; they find me.

My husband can be right there and they will walk away to find ME to ask me a question.

Again, it’s truly wonderful knowing they love me so much but it can be utterly overwhelming.

Especially when I just need a moment’s peace.

This photo was taken when my girl was upset and she needed a cuddle. Apparently at that exact moment my son felt left out and needed to be close by too.

Even though Dad (my husband) was right there behind me in the kitchen, they both needed and WANTED me at the same time.

It’s nice to know there is no substitute for Mum, but it can be very overwhelming.

Have you experienced this? Let me know below!

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