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I’ve had an interesting journey with The Parenting View

My mantra has all been about “knowledge is power”, and I want to take this one step further by starting conversations with parents about all things parenting; which is where The Parenting View came into it.

I believe that although we do things differently, we can still learn from others; and if not then it’s truly interesting to hear how others do it.

The Parenting View will be all about conversations about my own experience, and other parents and experts in the parent field, to help others learn.

My initial idea was to do a video type show, but it kind of stalled because I didn’t have a lot of confidence behind the idea. It also involved a lot more work than I ever realised, and let’s be honest – I’m lazy AF.

Also, it required a lot from you guys – it meant you had to actually sit down to watch it.

However, I think a podcast is the PERFECT choice for this type of thing.

Podcasting started out as the “audio blogging” in a world of vlogging (video blogging). It quickly became an easily accessable way for people to get information instead of reading or watching it.

Video means you have to focus on an image AND listen.

Podcasting means you just have to listen.

With a podcast, you can be anywhere, doing anything, and still tune in.

So last week I started my first ever Podcast. You can listen to this directly through SoundCloud, or download it through iTunes (cannot believe I have a podcast on iTunes!).

The first episode has been recorded and published and is all about the backstory of Happy Mum Happy Child and includes a bit of juicy gossip you might not know. I speak directly about how I feel about haters, and those who speak negatively about me; so it’s well worth listening to!

My next episode is all about post-natal depression, and has already been recorded.

So I would love it if you could subscribe (through however – Apple, Google, SoundCloud, etc) and check it out.

Would also love if you could give my The Parenting View Facebook Page a like to stay updated – as this will be where I publish the majority of my posts.

Get ALL the Gossip AND MORE through Th

Ie Parenting View Podcast

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