Being a Mum


Being a parent isn’t easy, and neither is being a Mum.  This page is dedicated to us Mums.

The Perfect Parent

© Can Stock Photo / prawny   The Perfect Parent There is no such thing as a “perfect parent”. I see so many times online

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That First Moment

© Maria Foy | Happy Mum Happy Child THAT FIRST MOMENT You know the one … you just pushed a baby out your vagina (or

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The Guilts

The Guilts —————————————— Do you ever get “The Guilts”? I do, especially when it comes to parenting: TV on in the morning = The Guilts

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Just Two Kids!?

Just Two Kids?!   Often in situations where life is feeling a bit shit, and the kids are overwhelming you, people will ask “Oh how

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PREGNANCY Before I had kids, I DREAMED about getting pregnant. I would watch movies with pregnant women and my ovaries would ache. Like seriously –

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Me As A Parent

Me As A Parent I love my children, and my husband. More than anything in this world. For some, parenting is a breeze (or at

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