Confessions of a Mum (Part 2)


Confessions of a Mum (Part 2)

Being a parent has it’s challenges; and sometimes when it’s particularly challenging I can do some weird stuff. Or at least the house rules go out the window.

Here are some more confessions I have:

  1. Sometimes I sneak into my kids rooms early in the morning, and change their Sleep Training Clocks to a different time, in the hopes they will sleep longer.
  2. Sometimes I wear the same clothes two days in a row
  3. My car is usually a complete mess
  4. I tried the “cry it out” method and failed miserably. Almost an hour of crying and it broke me.
  5. My kids eat Nutella
  6. I get bored with imaginery play
  7. Twice I’ve forgotten to buckle Chloe into her carseat and SHE has said “Mum you forgot to put my belt on”. Bless her.
  8. I look forward to the days when the kids are at school / kindy at the same time
  9. I worry all the time about the world my children are growing up in
  10. I wake up early to have time to myself before my kids wake up
  11. I give my kids Kinder Surprise Eggs as a treat
  12. Most weeks I don’t put the clean clothes away – I just let them sit in the laundry basket
  13. I don’t wash my kids PJs every day (or every second day)
  14. I don’t “make” the kids’ beds the traditional way – I actually pull back the sheets each morning to air the bed out
  15. When my kids were screaming at each other, I turned around and screamed at them (like literally screamed because that’s what they were doing) and it gave them such a fright that they never did it again
  16. I don’t vacuum the house every day
  17. The two second rule (about food on the floor) has been extended to five minutes before
  18. Sometimes to get out of the house (without actually piling into the car) we walk to the dairy and get a treat
  19. Spaghetti on toast has been dinner a few times
  20. When Phil (my husband) goes away, sometimes I let the kids sleep in my bed so I’m not so lonely
  21. We use white bread
  22. Sometimes I buy toys for my kids but really they’re for me to play with
  23. My kids have never watched the Wiggles
  24. I did not enjoy the newborn phase of my children’s life – I much prefer the infant / toddler
  25. Even though I have a whole section on Activities For Kids, I dislike doing activities with my kids. Specifically play dough …
  26. I banned my children from watching Horrid Henry on YouTube because his horrible antics (whilst funny) were encouraging them to behave negatively.
  27. When my kids aren’t looking, sometimes I throw out toys that annoy me

To check out Part 1 of my Confessions of a Mum, click here.

Do you have a confession to make?


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