Confessions of a Mum

Confessions of a Mum 01 by Happy Mum Happy Child


Here are some very honest and open confessions of a Mum – ME! Maria from Happy Mum Happy Child. Remember, I’m a Mum just like you. I make mistakes, and I’m ok because I learn from them. I’m also not perfect, just like everyone else HAHA ????

  1. Sometimes I let my kids fight and don’t intervene – not to teach them a lesson, but in the hopes it will tire them out and they will go to bed easier
  2. I make lunches for both my 4 year old AND my 2 year old (even though he doesn’t go to Kindy or Daycare) so that I don’t have to make snacks / meals during the day
  3. I don’t care as much about the sugar content of food as I probably should (but I still like learning!)
  4. Sometimes I cut pieces of bread with a pair of scissors instead of a knife
  5. I don’t bathe my kids every day
  6. I let my kids play on the iPad at the end of the day, to help them “wind down”
  7. My kids have seen me drink alcohol. Or as I call it “Mummy’s drink”
  8. I am very strict, and when I set a rule, I stick to it
  9. I tried to get my 6 month old girl to pat our cat, and the cat returned the favour by swiping her eye – the result of which is a permanent scar under one of her eyes ????
  10. My kids get a treat when we go grocery shopping – not always chocolate too!
  11. I don’t like my kids playing with paint or play dough, because it creates a mess (doesn’t mean I don’t let them!)
  12. I don’t change my kids’ bed sheets every week
  13. I once screamed and yelled and stomped my feet at the kids because I was over them fighting, and needed to get their attention
  14. I buy toys under the pretence that they’re for my kids – but really I just wanted them
  15. I once punched our fridge (in the throws of PND)
  16. I left my 6 month old baby to cry for 40 mins once, thinking she would cry herself to sleep. WRONG.
  17. I’m not very good at “imaginary play”
  18. I swear around my kids
  19. Sometimes I forget to brush my teeth
  20. I pretend I need to go to the toilet, just so I can have 5 minutes to myself
  21. I pretend to not know what I’m vacuuming up, but really I know it’s toys and lego.  ALWAYS.
  22. I don’t do as much home baking as I should, because I worry I will eat it
  23. I much prefer a toddler to a newborn baby
  24. I always tell my kids far too in advance about the things they are going to do, and they always get upset because we aren’t doing it at that very moment – I CAN’T HELP MYSELF
  25. If I could do it all again (all four years of it HA!), I wouldn’t change a thing

Do you have anything to confess as a Mum?  Or even as a Dad, or Grandparent?  Let me know!



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