School Trips & The Emotional Child


School Trips & The Emotional Child

My 5 year old has always been an emotional child, which isn’t a bad thing; but can be very stressful at times (for us all).

Most days, when I’d drop her off at Kindergarten, she would cry and not want me to leave. After about 6 months she got used to the fact that I’d leave and would be ok; but every now-and-then would get quite upset.

However, when I helped out on Kindy trips she would take a step backwards.

She would become clingy and not interact with others, and she would wear her emotions on her sleeve.

Now I know this is normal, because children feel way more relaxed around their own parents, so that I understand. However, I feel bad because it actually hinders her social-ness (if that makes sense). Because she just wants to be with me, and doesn’t play with anyone else.

She also gets incredibly upset at the smallest of things – and if I wasn’t around, she wouldn’t get upset.

So I started backing away from these types of trips, because ultimately I feel she would have more fun if I wasn’t around.

Now that she’s moved on from Kindergarten to School, I am hesitant to put myself forward to help out because again I don’t want to be the reasons she doesn’t have fun.

Has anyone else experienced this? What happened / what did you do to handle it?



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