The Guilts

The Guilts

The Guilts


Do you ever get “The Guilts”?

I do, especially when it comes to parenting:

  • TV on in the morning = The Guilts
  • Coco Pops instead of Rice Bubbles = The Guilts
  • Not wanting to pretend to be a dinosaur with the kids = The Guilts
  • Takeaways for dinner = The Guilts
  • Wanting 5 minutes to myself = The Guilts
  • Asking someone else to look after my kids = The Guilts

THOSE are just some of “The Guilts”. Every day I have moments of “I shouldn’t be doing this but I’m going to anyway”.

One of the hardest things I struggle with is the last bullet point – asking someone to look after my kids. Specifically my own parents or my in-laws. Both of whom work from home, so have the ability to drop everything and help out if needed.

I don’t ever ask unless it’s necessary, but that doesn’t stop me from feeling bad about it.

If you follow me on Snapchat, some of you will already know about this, but here’s the background:

Yesterday when I picked my girl up from Kindy, she was very emotional, and complained about being sick (although didn’t actually look it). Because I know my daughter, I knew she wasn’t lying, so rugged her up when she got home, put her on the couch and let her blob out.

Good decision, because SHE WAS SICK. Nothing major – just a cold. But with a cold comes a lot of emotion from my girl. She screams and cries a lot because her nose won’t stop pouring.

Now the dilemma here is the fact that TODAY I have a dentist appointment. I’ve had this appointment for a while now, and had organised for my Mum to look after my 2.5 year old.  Sweet as, no problems.

However, now that my daughter is sick it has complicated it quite a bit, as I definitely cannot send her to Kindy. I messaged my Mum telling her and she was very lovely and said “No worries very happy to have her here as well” …

If it was just a regular dentist appointment (like a check up), I’d postpone in a heart beat – but it’s phase 3 of my Root Canal Treatment and it’s a big one. Probably gonna cost me a million dollars, that’s how big it is.

I have the MAJOR GUILTS though.

I will wait until my husband wakes up and we will discuss it together and assess the situation. I really do feel terrible though … probably just have to suck it up and realise that my Mum is perfectly capable of handling a sick child (she had four kids under the age of 5!) … but I still feel bad!


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