Relationships: One Of The Hard Things

Relationships: One Of The Hard Things

Relationships One Of The Hard Things


One of the hard things about being in a relationship, and having kids, is working on the relationship.

I’ve spoken before about the fact that I feel like we are flatmates, instead of husband and wife; so I like to try and work on this situation as much as possible.

Take tonight for example: I had a busy day (not a normal day by any means) – I had a meeting, went to a playground, and then the library … and when my husband came home I wanted to tell him all about it.

My husband is my best friend, and I was practically chomping at the bit to download all of the days activities and let him know what happened …

But my kids had other ideas. Whilst eating dinner they constantly interrupted us, which caused me to get angry and say “guys, just let me speak for ONE MINUTE” … and that worked for approximately 30 seconds until they forgot and I had to remind them again.

Repeat times a thousand.

So I didn’t really feel like I could converse with my husband with my kids around.

I do believe kids are just being kids in this instance, but I was craving adult interaction BADLY. You know what I mean: when you see a stranger and you just vomit words because you appreciate another adult – well that’s me. But with my husband HAHA

I could definitely have waited until after the kids go to bed, but by then I’m knackered and in no mood for a conversation. Plus I’m a talkative wee thing, who has no patience (and no memory), so HAVE to get it out before I forget.

But alas, KIDS.

Do you guys ever feel like that? Like you get all “oh yay our relationship is all amazing because we can talk together” and then the kids interrupt?

Mum-life, right?!


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