Kids Having A YouTube Account?

So my daughter has expressed interest in making her own videos to go on YouTube and I can tell you right now, that is NEVER EVER going to happen.

Not in my house! HAHA

Golly I sound like my parents when they were telling me something about using a cellphone back in the day.

I know my shit when it comes to social media. Trust me.

I’ve been there, done that. I have a lot of followers on social media and have experienced a lot in my time – enough to know that my young child WON’T be having a YouTube account for a really REALLY long time. OR be making her own videos.

Heck, my kids (both of them) won’t be having access to ANYTHING for a really long time.

Social media SCARES me for kids.

I didn’t grow up with social media so I’m totally clueless as to how it affects the younger generation, but because of my own experiences, I am holding onto the fact that the less they have of it (when they’re young) the better.

I have seen what it’s done to me as a grown adult and it scares me what it could do to a child.

So instead of having her own videos, and her own YouTube channel, I’M TAKING CONTROL.

If you’ve ever followed me, you’ll know I never post anything of my children naked, upset, angry, crying or ANYTHING less than positive. I would hate for them to look back on this and say “why would Mum post that”.

I also ask my kids before I post anything to do with them – even though I realise my youngest has limited knowledge about the whole thing.

If they were ever to say “don’t take my photo” or “don’t post that”, I would respect it; and have done so in the past.

So when it come to them wanting to record their own videos – I trust that I can take it into my own hands to encourage them to try new things whilst moderating it.

So here is the first video my daughter wanted to do with me:

I feel like this is a good start and for now there is no way my child under 13 will be having their own social media account.

I know it might be a bit naive but I have to remind myself that I am in control of what my child does and hopefully I can get

What do you think – will you let your kids have social media accounts of any kind?


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