New Year, Improved Me

New Year, New Me? No way … New Year, Improved Me.

I learned a lot in 2018:

I learned to take a step back;

I learned to stand up for myself;

I learned that it’s ok to say no – especially if it means I’m ultimately looking after myself;

and I learned I need to love myself in my current state.

Next year all I plan on doing is continuing to learn about myself and how to be better as a person.

I plan on wearing brighter and bolder lipstick.

I plan on having a shower each day.

I plan on looking after myself better, mentally and physically.

I plan on always asking for help if I need it.

I plan on doing my best to help others.

I plan on smiling and laughing as best I can.

I plan on travelling to Germany to see my sister.

I plan on being the best friend I can.

I plan on doing my best as a Mum.

Parenting has been fucking hard, and so has being on social media; but I love both because they’re teaching me so much about myself.

I hope you all look after yourselves the best you can next year – because ultimately if you look after you, the rest will fall into line.

Happy Mum, Happy Child; right?


Check out my latest YouTube video where I elaborate on the above:



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