When Social Media Goes Down

It doesn’t happen often but it still happens …

Everytime Instagram, or Facebook, go down, I am reminded that social media is not forever. Heck there is no guarantee that the internet will be around forever (but let’s be honest, there’s more likelihood that it will be compared to an individual social media platform).

Even though Twitter is my go-to for “is Instagram / Facebook down” questions, even that platform can crash and burn.

None of these social media platforms are mine, or yours.

But this website is mine. I own it. It’s my little baby – and today’s social media outtage is a great reminder that it’s still here and that I need to keep using it.

The reason I got into blogging was to get my thoughts out of my head; because my post-natal depression made me feel so incredibly alone and unheard.

For years I poured my heart and soul into my blog and I loved every single second of it. It was a form of therapy for me; and sadly I haven’t had a session in a while.

But then my Facebook and Instagram grew, and I started connecting with my community more there; so my blogging took a bit of a back seat.

Now-a-days, I really just use my blog to post about recipes that I’ve got that I think need sharing – which is very important in itself. Food is a great love of mine and I love sharing neat things I’ve come across that are delicious and simple to make.

But I do miss connecting with people through long-form writing. I really do.


While I was on Twitter this morning, I saw a fellow blogger / social media star Jess Molina post the following:

And she’s absolutely right. Thank you for the reminder Jess; my website is my own.

You can connect with me here on my website – through my comments section (which tbh I need to double check I have enabled haha).

I actually have so much to say all the time about EVERYTHING but my brain gets into this “it’s too much to even do that” kind of state. So I let this website sit here with nothing interesting happening.

Well I’m going to do my best to try and not let that happen anymore.

Hope you’re all doing ok out there in the land of the internet.


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