Review: New World’s 5 Family Meals For Under $100

Yes you read that right – New World has launched its own Weekly Meal Planner with 5 family meals for under $100*!

This is sponsored content – I am a New World Ambassador

I was issued a challenge, as a New World Ambassador, to cook one of New World’s Spring Meal Plans. Each plan has 5 family meals for under $100* (*this doesn’t include staples which you will normally have in your pantry already), and are not only easy to cook but absolutely delicious.

Out of the 4 available plans, I chose the Week 2 Meal Plan, which included:


The Details

Each of the family meals are designed to feed 6 people – 2 adults and 4 children (under 10); which was perfect for our family of 4.

Each menu utilises spring produce available in store, and are made to be zero waste – so all the ingredients you buy should be used by the end of the week.

This is because New World have teamed up with Love Food Hate Waste, which is a non-profit organisation here in New Zealand dedicated to reducing the amount of food waste we have.

Food waste is a real problem – with the average Kiwi family throwing away three shopping trolleys of edible food each year.


My Thoughts

Now you all know me and my family – we are creatures of habit and rarely stray from the same meals each week. Mainly because of the kids.

Regardless, I was still excited to try out New World’s Spring Meal Plans, but obviously apprehensive because you know what kids are like.

As I said above, we chose the Week 2 Menu. We started off with the Herby Chicken Tray Bake, followed by the Filo topped Chicken Pie, then had the Salmon and Leek Parcels, then the Mee Goreng and finally the Thai style beef salad with crispy noodles.

Ordering was super easy – under each meal plan, they’ve curated the ingredient list specifically. All you have to do is add what you need to the cart without having to actually search for the ingredients.

I did spend a little more money – but I have Coeliac Disease and wanted to swap some of the ingredients out for gluten free options. E.G I used Gluten Free puff pastry sheets instead of the filo pastry for the pie.

The meals were easy to make and I can tell you without a doubt, that they were enjoyed by the whole family. The kids’ favourite meal was the Salmon & Leek Parcels, and Phil and I actually loved all of them (but honestly the Chicken pie was incredible).

In Summary

We actually loved the meal plans so much, we’re ordering Week 3’s Meal Plan next week. It’s really not often you come around family meals for under $100.

Just the fact everything I need to organise it is in one spot, makes it so appealing to me. I also loved the fact I could chose the ingredients myself. I could chose to spend more or less depending on what I wanted to do. I found it extremely easy to convert the meals to make them gluten free as well.

I highly recommend checking out New World’s Spring Meal Plans. They will make your life easier across the board!

This is sponsored content – I am a New World Ambassador

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