Jason Momoa Was Born To Be Aquaman

Jason Momoa.

He’s Aquaman.

And he’s bloody good at it:

I was privileged enough to be invited to see the New Zealand premiere of Aquaman, and I was legitamately blown away. From the beginning to the end, was full of action, drama, and shirtless scenes.

And for that I was grateful. I mean, Jason is a wonderful actor, but I appreciated more than just his acting …

I truly believe Jason was born to be Aquaman – his performance was amazing. The storyline was solid. The supporting actors were phenomenal. And the special effects were pretty out of this world. I loved it from start to finish and would recommend seeing it in a heart beat.

It comes out here in New Zealand on Boxing Day (26th December) and you NEED to go and see this. Especially if you’re a fan of the DC Universe. The last time I really enjoyed a DC movie was when Henry Cavill took over the role of Superman.

Don’t talk to me about Batman SMH.

Don’t believe Aquaman is good? See it for yourself and make your own mind up. I’m taking Phil to see it, because I know he will love it (and let’s be honest, I NEED to see it again – it’s one of those movies).

Thanks so much to Roadshow for inviting myself and a mate to see this movie – will never forget that moment!
Especially on the IMAX Screen – well worth it!!!


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