Macaulay Culkin Recreates ‘Home Alone’ In Viral Google Ad

Home Alone has been a movie we’ve watched for YEARS. In fact, I remember watching it AT THE MOVIES when I was younger (I must be old LOL). It’s now one of the Christmas classics, and Macaulay Culkin has jumped back into the role of Kevin McAllister to promote the Google Assistant.

Basically, he’s recreating the most memorable scenes from Home Alone, but instead of being a kid, he’s an adult and he’s using Google Assistant to help him out.

We have a Google Assistant, and Phil has programmed it into the home automation system – so we ask it to turn the lights on and off, to open the garage, to play music, to do a countdown, and the bloody thing will even tell the kids a story if we ask!

Watching this brought the biggest smile to my face, and I was so glad to see Macaulay back in this role – especially like this. I follow him on Instagram and he’s doing really well for himself!

Are you a fan of the Home Alone movies? Did you love this recreation??


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