Craigavon Park – Blockhouse Bay

I have been coming here for a few years now, and love the playground and park.  Lots of trees for shade, there’s also a scenic walk, skate park and areas for BBQ’s.

Located on Connaught Street, Blockhouse Bay, this park has a lot going for it.  It even has a freakin car park!  That might sound normal, but when you travel into town to a playground, having a free car park is a luxury.

There are two playgrounds located in one area, which is fully fenced.  A smaller, toddler-friendly, playground is at one end.  Swings in the middle.  And a bit more of an adventurous playground at the other end.

Caters to all ages, with seats for the Mums/Dads.  But let’s be honest, chances are we’re all running around after our kids anyway, so sitting down is just a dream.

There are a few BBQ tables located around the edge of the playground, so it’s worth taking a picnic and making an outing of it.

Have you been here before?  What did you think?


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