Feeding Fiddlers

Feeding Fiddlers Whether you breastfeed, or bottlefeed, we all have one thing in common – an active and nosey baby!

As they get older their attention gets captured by anything and everything other than the boob / bottle. They also tend to use you as their pinching or punching bag too, which can actually hurt even though they’re so little.

The Feeding Fiddlers come in a set of two – a fluffy, soft, mini blanket and a dangly fiddler.  The idea is to clip the fiddler to your bra or singlet, and use while feeding.  I left mine on all day, hidden under my shirt, so that when I fed my son, it was there.

Photo 20-01-15 7 18 16 pmThe dangly fiddler is perfect for day feeds.  I found my son (who is 1 and ALL OVER THE SHOW) was instantly mesmerized.   He still tried to stand on me (yes, while feeding) but instead of looking for where his sister was, he was focussed on my boob, for once.  He also spent a bit more time feeding, rather than jumping off to be with his sister.

The mini blanket was perfect for end of the day feeds, and cuddly time (which I do just before bed).  He sat on me stroking it, just chilling out before I put him down for the night.

If you are getting frustrated with your child pinching you, or constantly turning their head away, then I HIGHLY recommend using a Feeding Fiddler.

I bottle fed my daughter, and having a Feeding Fiddler would have been a godsend.  It was so hard to keep her attention on me when I fed her!  So this product is for ANY parent.  Not just the breastfeeding one 😀

I found both of the Feeding Fiddlers sewn and assembled to a high standard, and I was very impressed with the quality.

I would recommend using the Feeding Fiddlers as just that, and not as a toy in between feeds.  Not only to make sure the novelty doesn’t wear off, but because of the beads on the dangly.

A set of 2 Feeding Fiddlers costs $15 – which is very affordable in my opinion.

When you purchase a set, you can personalise the dangly fiddler to include your child’s name.  Pretty freaking awesome.  I was quite touched when I received mine to see that they had done that (and I hadn’t even asked!)

You can order your Feeding Fiddlers’ direct from their website.  Also be sure to check out their Facebook Page too – keep updated with all of their products, sales, specials, etc etc.

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