10 Things About Me

Facts About Me 01Here are 10 totally random facts about me:

1.  I am 173cms – so that’s 5′ 8″ … I’m not short!

2.  When I buy sweet things, I usually buy more than one, so I pretend that they’re not for me – I pretend I’m buying for friends, or for my family.  But really, they’re ALL FOR ME.

3.  I used to be a marching girl (see pic)

4.  I wanted 4 kids, but after 1, I said “Uh, maybe one more, and that’s it”

5.  I wake at 4am EVERY SINGLE MORNING to get some “ME TIME” before my kids wake up

6.  I am in bed, asleep, usually by 9pm each night

7.  I struggle with my weight.  Big time.  I’m currently in the 80’s and not proud of it!

8.  I often go for drives in the morning just to make sure my youngest sleeps.  I spend a lot of time in the car …

9.  I am a BIG BABY when I get sick.  Even when I get a cold.  I just want my Mum to look after me.

10.  I see my parents every day as they live just down the road …

Tell me something random about yourself that I don’t know!

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Great little insights!
I play the clarinet, I’m a green belt blue tag in Taekwondo, my husband would say I have OCD – I call it being quirky!! I’m scared of moth/butterflies!


I have a degree in Fine Art but can’t draw to save myself. I’ve lived in 7 different countries, visited 40. I’m sad that I have no memory of my birth country and will probably never visit it, yet I’m searched at airports because it’s printed in my passport. My only sibling is 9 years older than me. My firstborn child is a beautiful huge cat named Narvik <3

Cathryne Feaver

I have two teen boys, a Cat named Pumpkin and a dog named Harriet. Will PM you the best story though.

Christine Keys

My husband and I got married, and had our first child at the same age as my parents, 22 & 23. 🙂


I wish I saw my parents every day!! A fact about me, I used to be a cheerleader and even competed internationally.

Vikki Armstrong

I quote movies far more often than i should considering i have the movie taste of a teenage boy – not my fault step brothers (& anything with will ferell in it) is hilarious.
I also talk like borat far too well when im drunk (which is never these days)


I too was a marching girl when I was a young wee thing….notice how I didn’t say small cause I ain’t small and rarely does the scales read below the mid 80’s 🙁

Patricia Swanepoel

Hey! You’re taller than me! I’m only 168 cm. I wasn’t a marching girl but I was in the band and choir.

I love the marching girl pics! My random fact is that I went to live in Mongolia for a year when I was 17. I had wanted to go on a gap year to Africa but dad said no – so I picked the strangest sounding place I could that wasn’t! Clearly I was very mature :/ But it was a great year!

Mongolia!? That’s awesome!

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