5 Ways To Use Your Printer Like The Ultimate Mum

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Before I became a parent, we didn’t have a printer at home. The only printer I used was at my job, and in all honesty if someone had told me that a printer would be an AMAZING tool that’s a part of my family, I might not have believed them.

Now that I am a parent and have seen the other side, I can attest to the fact that having a printer is like having a multipurpose tool at your disposal that can help out with SO many things in your life.

Gone are the days where you just use it to print out spreadsheets, powerpoint presentations or manuscripts; printing is not just about work.

Also gone are the days where you have to purchase ink cartridges every five minutes as the Epson EcoTank printer uses ink tanks and comes with enough ink (in bottles) to last up to 2 years.

So as soon as you start your family, you can utilise your printer; and here are just some of the MANY things you can do:



Chances are your family photos are sitting on your computer or phone. Print out those captured moments – you can create collages of your children as they grow. Or frame them and pop them up around the house. The Epson EcoTank printer includes up to two years of ink – so that’s a lot of great family photos!



Put together your own activity packs for your kids by downloading and printing colouring-in pages, dot-to-dot challenges, puzzles the kids can cut out and put back together – the list is truly endless. When you become a parent, you have to think smarter when it comes to entertaining kids. Having the EcoTank printer at home makes it so much easier than packing up the kids and taking them to the shops to buy activity books

Here’s some cool free printables to get you started:



Flash cards can really help kids learn and have fun at the same time. Whether you’re wanting to teach your kids what letters and words look like, or perhaps trying to explain emotions, you can have any type of flash card ready in a minute thanks to the EcoTank printer. If your child is old enough, it can also become an activity to cut them out together as well.

Here’s some Flash Cards that you can print out right now:



For a while, my daughter was struggling with certain letters, so we printed them out and stuck them on the tops of milk caps – you can use this idea to teach your kids in so many different ways. And just print as many as you need, the EcoTank printer has ink tanks, which means you simply refill using the low-cost ink bottle – easy.



Invitations, greeting cards, birthday cards, meal planners, daily routine guides, puzzles, prints, motivational daily quotes, bookmarks and honestly so much more! Remember the words “free printables” when you’re doing your next Google search. Thankfully for us parents, the EcoTank printer allows you to print thousands and thousands of pages without having to bother with changing a cartridge – so there’s no excuse not to get printing!


As I said above, one of the great things about the Epson EcoTank Printer is that you don’t have to worry about running out of ink like a cartridge printer, or even having to go and purchase ink cartridges. The Epson EcoTank Printer uses ink tanks and comes with enough ink (in bottles) to last up to 2 years.

That’s right – the Epson EcoTank Printer comes with enough ink to last up to TWO YEARS.

Honestly, as a parent, it’s such a relief to know I don’t have to think or worry about the ink running out.

Do you have a printer at home? What do you use it for?

Thanks for working with me on this sponsored post Epson – the Epson EcoTank Printer is probably one of the most used items in our house, and the printouts that come out of it keep my kids entertained for hours!

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