An Apple A Day Keeps the Doctor Away

As the saying goes: “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away” …


And seriously, there is NOTHING better than a fresh, crisp, juicy apple. Which is why when I was sent a box of The Yummy Fruit Company apples, I was bloody excited.

Yummy Apples Types
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Inside the box were four different types: NZ Rose, Royal Gala, Mariri Red and Lemonade.  Each had it’s own unique flavour, and were crunchy, juicy and just all round delicious.  My 3 year old and I had a taste testing party (you can watch the video HERE) and decided that NZ Rose and Lemonade were our favourites.  See the image on the right for a rundown on each one (click to enlarge).

Now The Yummy Fruit Company have actually got over 20 varieties of apples, and an extensive range of stonefruit (especially over summer!).  The Paynter family are behind this company, which has been going since 1862, and they are absolutely passionate about their fruit.

The Yummy Apples are grown especially for us New Zealanders, so you can be sure they’re fresh, crunchy and not floury!  After trying the apples I was sent, I can attest to that fact – they were absolutely delicious.

You guys know how important it is for our kids to eat fresh fruit and vegetables, so sometimes in order to get them to eat them, you have to be creative.  As such, I’ve experimented with the four different types of apples to show you how to make them look and taste a bit different.


Cut Outs 01
Create cutouts on your apples


Just use a paring knife and be careful, be very very careful.  You can carve letters, checkers, hearts, faces … bascially the world is your oyster.

You can use cookie cutters to help stamp out the design, and then carefully using your paring knife, peel the skin back.



Leave the skin on and it adds a nice bit of texture!


We used them to make smoothies, and our famous Apple Pie.

Our smoothies consisted of Almond Milk, Kale, Banana, Strawberries, NZ Rose Apples, Ground LSA, and fresh yoghurt.

For a really cold smoothie, cut the apple into chunks the night before, pop in a sealable bag, and throw it in the freezer.  DELICIOUSLY COLD!


Apple Pie Recipe 01
This Apple Pie recipe is AMAZING


This Apple Pie recipe is well worth checking out because it is AMAZING.

It utilises fresh apples – namely the Lemonade and Royal Gala.  Just the right amount of tart and sweet.

Perfect in winter AND summer.  You will be loved for bringing this pie and serving it.


Or,  you simply check out The Food Network’s page of 50 Things to Make with Apples. There are some brilliant things in here!

I am so excited about these apples and the upcoming Summer months, that I’ve put together a wee giveaway for you – a beautiful range of delicious looking felt fruit from Two Magpies, and some nifty and handy apple preparing tools, cookie cutters … oh and some chocolate and lollies!   Happy Mum Happy Child, right!?

You can gain extra entries by visiting my Facebook page.


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Love the apple cut outs!


Awesome post Maria. Who knew you could do so many things with apples?


The felt fruit looks awsome


I’m not sure I should be trusted with knives but I’m so going to give this a try!! 🙂


The apple cutouts are so cute! I am such a fan of lemonade apples, I haven’t seen them in ages. Going to have to get my hands on some I think!

San Watts

Apple Cutouts and Whittakers Chocolate mm mmm

Leanne Le Sueur

Great giveaway

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