Are You A Hot Mess Too?

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Are You A Hot Mess Too?

Found a hilarious compilation on BuzzFeed and felt like it was talking to me. Communicating with me … from one hot mess to another. Because I am definitely a hot mess …

Here are some of the things that define me as a hot mess:

  1. By the time Kindy / School starts, my kids have pen all over their clothes – even though they’re freshly clean
  2. I don’t change those clothes LOLOL
  3. My boy always has dirt on his face … even though I have no idea how it got there
  4. Even my own clothes have some kind of stain on them thanks to the kids
  5. I will drink cold coffee: I’ve gotten used to it ?
  6. I have most definitely used baby wipes to wipe myself down
  7. Mum bun fo lyfe!
  8. I can wear my Mum Bun for days and only take it out to take a photo LOOL
  9. I hardly ever brush my hair
  10. When doing the Kindy / School run, I am SURE I look like I just rolled out of bed ?
  11. My sweat pants are my best friends ?
  12. Going to make the lunches and realising the bread is mouldy :/

Here’s the BuzzFeed compilation that I mentioned above:



I am definitely a hot mess ALL the time HAHAH as is evident by my Happy Mum Happy Child Facebook Page and Snapchat (happymumnz) account ?

Are you a hot mess too? LOLOLOL


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