Baby Proofing your Christmas Tree


Baby Proofing your Christmas Tree

I have had kids who were VERY young at Christmas time. At one point, my son was your typical almost 1 year old – loved to crawl, loves to climb, and loved to put things in his mouth.  With a Christmas Tree, that’s a recipe for disaster.  So here are some things I’ve found useful …


I think that’s pretty self explanatory.  Get a baby fence, or a fireplace fence and fence that Christmas Tree off. You can even buy a pet fence (which isn’t too expensive) and use that as well. Works the same way!

You can also wrap up LARGE boxes (maybe put something heavy inside) and place them around the base of the tree.  Still keeps within the Christmas theme but keeps the baby out 😀


If you feel your tree is secure enough to withstand the weight of your baby, then maybe only put a few decorations on at their level, but keep the regular decorations higher up. It might look a little sparse on the lower level, but at least your child won’t be munching on a bauble ….


If you have a smaller tree, or a table big enough to support a larger tree, then put that tree up high!  This is what we have done in past years.  Ours is a smaller tree, so we put it on top of a small book shelf.


Did you know you can buy STICKER Christmas Trees?!?? Well I didn’t. Perhaps, for something different, you could do this, this year. Check out Little Lane for a super cute wall decal that your kids can help put up too 🙂


In the end, just think about what you want. You want to see a Christmas Tree and you don’t want your kids getting at it.

Think of the tree as a castle during a war. Protect it. Let nothing in. Build a moat around it.





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