Friday Favourites: The One About Being Embarrassed


Friday Favourites: The One About Being Embarrassed

The One About Being Embarrassed


This week my daughter’s Kindergarten went to their local library to learn about Matariki.  If you don’t know, Matariki is the Māori name for the cluster of stars also known as the Pleiades. It rises in mid-winter – late May or early June. For many Māori, it heralds the start of a new year (exert taken from the Te Ara Encyclopedia of New Zealand website).

The kids huddled together to listen to members of the Auckland Museum, very patiently try and tell the story of Matariki and what it means.

My daughter sat right at the front and like a normal child, spoke up at “inappropriate” times, and answered questions without being asked.  The teachers would be in the middle of speaking, and she would interrupt them.  She wasn’t the only one – other children did it too.  Then when there was a Q&A session afterwards, and children were awarded a fan for a correct answer, she was the only one who spoke out about not getting one (even though 30 other kids didn’t get one either), and managed to get one anyway because they didn’t want her getting upset.

Now let me say this – I know how I felt was ridiculous.  But I was embarrassed.  I shouldn’t have been, because she was showing confidence.  And she was being a child.

However, I was still embarrassed.  And confused about my feelings – should I be feeling this way?  I am proud of her for speaking up, but I am still embarrassed that it’s not at the “right times”.  The teachers who were speaking were looking frustrated at her, which wasn’t easy for me to see.  I didn’t want anyone thinking negatively of my child!

Afterwards I spoke to one of the Kindergarten teachers, and basically told her how I felt, and was it right/wrong – and she said “Oh gosh, the way she was acting is normal!  In fact we were happy she was speaking because it showed someone was listening … I just don’t think the Auckland Museum teachers knew what to expect from 3-4 year olds” …

It was reassuring to hear that, but then I felt guilty for my embarrassing feelings (HA!).

Does any of that make sense?  This is probably more of a confession post – because I did feel guilty for being embarrassed.

Has anyone experienced this before?  Don’t be too harsh on me for my feelings, it’s not something I can control hahaha


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