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I was recently invited to join the lovely team of bloggers at #brunchclub.  #brunchclub is a monthly networking event for bloggers held once a month at incredible cafes and restaurants around New Zealand.

The latest brunch was held at Charlie & George in Stonefields, Auckland.  What an amazing venue.  Unfortunately I was stuck in the sun, and my pastey white skin started melting away like the witch from The Wizard of Oz.  Not even half kidding at that.  It was HOT!   But OMG the food was amazing, as was the service.  The owner served us and she was so friendly and lovely, I’d go back just for her!  I would definitely recommend going there, and will most definitely be going back myself 😀

Photo 1-03-15 11 50 59 amThere were 13 of us there, and I got to meet everyone (yay for having a big mouth!).  There are all different types of bloggers involved – beauty, fashion, mums-to-be, mums.  I was very impressed.

This particular brunch was a “mums & bubs” brunch, which meant any kids or Dads could come along too.  It’s SO hard when you have kids, to find time to go out, so this was such a great idea.  Got to meet some lovely husbands, and very cute babies / children!

Towards the end, we were treated to some yummy Whoopie pies from Whoopie & Co for dessert.  OMG they were to-die-for!

We were also most generously gifted a wee bag of goodies from some pretty awesome companies – two bottles of delicious Good Buzz fizzy drink.  Good Buzz make non-alcoholc probiotic soft drink, and freaking heck it’s good.

Photo 1-03-15 1 28 15 pm aWe also received a package from My Care Pack, which included a bag of tea and some sweet treats. Care Pack delivers a monthly subscription box of natural, eco-friendly and ethical products to households in New Zealand.  I personally have received a children’s Care Pack before and was very impressed!

Whoopie & Co included a voucher for their Whoopie Pies, and I can tell you without-a-doubt, that it will be used.  Thank goodness you can order online!

Party LAB gave us all some super cute butterflies that we can stick on the walls of our children’s bedrooms, definitely went down a treat with my 3 year old girl!

I had a blast meeting other mums and bloggers.  I always get super nervous going to these kinds of things, especially by myself, but everyone was friendly and didn’t put me off wanting to go to another one (HAHA!) …


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