Boon Bento Lunch Box Review

Options: Cargo (Yellow) or Trunk (Blue)
Price: $26.95
Rating: 6/10

My Thoughts:
The Boon Bento Lunch Box is definitely geared towards younger kids. It is quite a bit larger in size than the other lunch boxes, and has a handle to carry. Within the lunch box, are four separate compartments. Unfortunately these are not sealed individually. I also found the lunch box lid to be very difficult to open and close – so would definitely require help if a child needed to open it. Overall the amount of food it could hold is good, but because it’s compartments don’t seal individually, then you’ll need to make sure no liquids go in there, or anything that might travel around.

Extremely durable. In fact so durable the lid is hard to take off and put on.

Only two parts to clean and those are relatively easy.

The Apple / Yoghurt Test:
NO – an apple or a yoghurt pottle would not fit in here as the depth isn’t great enough.

Can my 3 year old open it? JUST – the food would have gone everywhere
Can my 5 year old open it? YES

To watch my review of the Boon Bento Lunch Box, check it out on YouTube or watch below:

Where To Buy:
You can get your Boon Bento Lunch Box from The Lunchbox Queen. To see more stockists, visit my Bento-Style Lunchbox Stockists page.


This lunch box is from The Lunchbox Queen – thank you very much for sending this to me to review.

If there is a particular lunch box you would like to know about, or have reviewed, then please let me know below.

Be sure to check out my Bento-Style Lunchbox Stockists page for stockists of lunch boxes in both New Zealand AND Australia. As well as my ultimate guide to filling your kids’ lunchbox.



Boon Bento Lunch Box Review

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