Cheerio Stacking Tower

Cheerio Stacking Tower

Cheerio Stacking Tower

If you have play dough, cheerios (the cereal) and dry spaghetti at home – then try out this super easy activity for your children!

As you can see in the picture, it is very simple.   And delicious – my child really enjoys eating them at the same time haha. One for the stack, two for my mouth ????

This activity is not only a great game, it is also a tool to help develop fine motor skills.

Cheerios (or you can use penne pasta)
Dry Spaghetti
Play Dough
For the no-cook play dough recipe that I use, click HERE.

Just like you can see in the photo, place the play dough in the middle of the plate and put cheerios around the outside. Using your dry spaghetti, poke it into the play dough.

If you need, you can break the spaghetti up so it is different lengths.

You can also use different coloured play dough for each stack (if you’re feeling adventurous.

If you don’t have cheerios, you can use penne pasta, or any kind of pasta that has a hole in it and goes easily over the spaghetti stick.  Mix it up a bit – make it fun.




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