I Caught Chloe Crying During A Movie And It Made Me Smile



I Caught Chloe Crying During A Movie And It Made Me Smile

My kids are 3 and 5, and for the most part the extent of their show-watching has been Charlie & Lola and My Little Pony. They watch these two shows over, and over, AND OVER …

However, because my kids fight A LOT about what to watch (“Mum I want Charlie & Lola, NOO I WANT MY LITTLE PONY!”), I sometimes step in and put a movie on.

Because we have Netflix, we have access to hundreds of kids’ movies; but because I’m me, we’ve also watched hundreds of movies.

The ones I pick tend to be more child-related than anything, but the other day I branched out and put Cinderella on.

I took a risk because it’s a bit more of an older-aged child movie but felt like my kids could handle it. Plus the story line is always so lovely, and one that always makes me smile.

What I didn’t expect was my 5 year old daughter to completely and utterly understand what was happening, and at one point I caught her crying because of a scene that was a bit sad.

It made me sad to see her upset, but of course was amazed that she is clearly of an age where she knows what’s happening and can experience the emotion of the movie enough to move her to tears.

She is understanding that the character is going through something and she empathises with the whole thing.

I felt privileged to catch this moment.

I didn’t announce it to her, I simply just watched her and what she did. Eventually the scene changed and she realised everything was going to be ok but it really is neat to see her connecting with a movie like this.

I always think catching ANYONE having an emotional moment during a movie is something quite wonderful to see; even if it is in public.

Showing any kind of emotion like this shows empathy, and having empathy is a wonderful thing.

Have you ever watched a movie in public and shed a tear or two? What was it?

I was not paid to write this post, however Netflix did ask me to recount an experience I had. All words, thoughts and opinions are my own.


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