Christmas Stocking Fillers

IMG_5509So I’ve finally got my A into G and listed my erasers on TRADE ME … so if you are in New Zealand and think your kids might enjoy these erasers, go and check them out.  The erasers each come apart and can be put back together multiple ways.  It’s a GREAT activity for kids, and I can attest to this as my daughter has spent HOURS playing with them.

I also have them listed on my Facebook page, so feel free to check them out there 🙂

The prices range from $4 – $8 each, with $3 for shipping.  I have a deal on the food erasers – 3 for $20.  Seriously, Christmas is fast approaching so definitely recommend taking a look 🙂

I am VERY obsessed with these, and so is my child.  Her brother would love them too, but he really just wants to eat them rather than play with them ……


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